All About Leather Armor Patterns

Whether you want to liven the medieval times or reenact Games of Thrones by fighting a battle reproducing authentic actions of armored warriors, leather armor must be at your disposal. To make excellent cosplay armor, you need to combine truly genuine leather and remarkable leather armor patterns.

With our leather templates and leatherworking tutorials, we can help you craft fantasy leather armors. For professional armor, you can order a suit from us. Besides the fantasy, good-looking patterns, we design and craft wearable and fitting armors to help game and movie enthusiasts bring their favorite characters to life.

We make boiled leather armor. This guarantees longevity because boiled leather armors are strong to resist rust without necessarily being weighty. Other than ease of softening and molding, boiled leather maintained its durability and softness when dry.

In this post, you will find more about our collection of leather armor patterns and what makes us stand out.

Leather Armor Crafting

Patterns & Templates

Patterns are the key to making fitting and adjustable pieces of armor. Without armor patterns, you may end up wasting a lot of material or making a suit that doesn’t fit you at all.

Leather Armor - Fantasy Spaulders PatternWhen you take a do-it-yourself route for constructing cosplay armor, you need to draft out patterns. The bitter truth is that designing leather armor patterns from scratch can be difficult, especially for new beginners. This is when we come in. We have put forward intriguing fantasy and imperial knight leather armor patterns to help you craft custom leather that fits your fantasy themes.

Even for the most intricate cut lines, we include leatherworking tutorials to help you learn tips and tricks for your leathercraft and cosplay projects. If you allow us to make your suit of leather armor, you have the luxury to get customized leather armor. With our craftsmanship skills, you are sure to get a personalized suit so that you can enter the next ComicCon or Renaissance Festival in style.

Create an impression with a professional leather armor suit that does what it is good at.

Why Us?

When in a battle, there is no better way to protect yourself and retain your mobility than by wearing a set of leather armor. You not only need a product of genuine leather but also one that showcases excellent artistry skills and, of course, your personality.

Here is every reason you need to buy from us;

Artistry in Fantasy Leather Armour

Although leather armor suits are solely made to protect the user, they are undoubtedly products of art and craft. From themes and colors to line and consistency, we thoughtfully create each design so that the end product is visually striking without sacrificing functionality.

Quality Leather and Handcrafting Skills

Our leather working tutorials are a real picture of what we do. Our thoughtful designs are hand-crafted with the greatest care to prevent any possible craftsmanship defects. Wet-molding processes allow us to create dramatic armor patterns and extravagant heirloom to be passed down from generation to another.


If you want to get a fantasy leather armor designed to tells your story, try us. We design and make each leather armor from scratch while ensuring it exclusively meets your needs.


We have all the tools and possess all the craftsmanship skills to design the most intricate leather armors. Depending on your special requests, we can implement layering effects, schemes, molding processes, and advanced articulation to craft super customized armor.


Are you looking for beautifully ornamented leather cosplay? We have you covered. We are capable and do craft fancy designs or merge various styles to create a remarkably fantastic leather armor suit. With tooling skills, our custom armor designers promise to achieve unique flares to blend with your fantasy themes.


To ensure each customer gets unique and original products, we design and craft each project independently and from scratch until it comes out as one of its kind.


Crafting fantasy custom leather armor is attributed to great artistry handcrafting skills. At Prince Armory Academy, they grant you access to incredibly designed leather armory patterns so that you can make your custom works of art. If you want a comfortable, fitting leather armor suit designed with functionality, you’re welcomed to see if they’re taking orders.

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