Starting Out In Leathercrafting

Leathercrafting can be intimidating at first with all the tools and materials needed that’s shown in online tutorials. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in tools if you are just starting out. You just need 4 items to get started.

Needle & Thread

The first two items that we need are needles and threads to stitch leather together. These needles and threads are made especially for leather crafting. The threads are coated with wax so that they will be water resistant since you will be out and about. The needles are also thicker and bigger than your ordinary stitching needles to fit the wax threads.

Stitching Chisel

These look like a forks with 6 prongs. They are used to poke holes in your leather before stitching them up. There are many types of stitching chisels that you can use, but you can buy the cheapest one if you are just starting out.


The final item that you need is leather. Find the cheapest leather that you can buy because you will be needing lots of them for practice. I wouldn’t recommend buying more expensive leather because you might get nervous and not be willing to risk making mistakes.


Final Thoughts

Leather crafting is a rewarding experience. I assure you that you will make lots of mistakes at the start but practice is key to getting better. Soon you may be able to craft really decent leather items ranging from wallets to even full sets of armor.




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